Client Testimonials

Highly recommend this trainer. His knowledge and passion for training is beyond any of the trainers out there. If you want to look great and feel great doing it this is the man to see
— Justin R.
He’s amazing! I’ve had many trainers and he’s the best one I’ve had. He’s helped me work towards my goals and pushed me when I needed it! So thankful to have him as a trainer!
— Sami E.
Chase is an excellent trainer. He is very knowledgable and patient. He will get you where you want to be with your fitness goals. Give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.
— Ralph H.
He’s a great trainer. I’ve tried other trainers and they didn’t push me to the end of my threshold. This guy knows exactly what I can and can’t do. He has so much knowledge and experience in regard to his field. I’ve seen an amazing increase in my muscle complexion and strength. I recommend this guy as a personal trainer more than anyone. After you have a session with him, you won’t want to go anyone else!
— Jesse Z.
Chase is an amazing trainer!! He motivates and pushes me to keep going. I highly recommend him. He is enthusiastic about fitness and health.
— Christine V.
I’ve been training with Chase 4-5 times a week for over a year now and would highly recommend his services to anyone.
With a vast knowledge of fitness and health he is easy to talk to and always one step ahead of me with any questions I have.
Chase’s motivation is infectious, he always gives 110% and has helped me reach further than the goals I originally set.
— Jonathan Z
Chase is a motivated and knowledgeable trainer. I was looking to get into better shape due to various health concerns and I have been able to accomplish that with Chase. Chase has designed a variety of different workout methods specifically tailored to me and my injury history. He also researches different health related topics that I have an interest in and either provides me with that information or incorporates the information into workouts that I have.
Chase is very flexible scheduling my workouts and adapting on the fly to different requests that I have for him. He also comes up with different and entertaining ways to keep me motivated and engaged.

I would recommend Chase to anyone wanting to make a change in your health and approach to fitness.
— Brad V.
Chase is such a great trainer! He truly cares about your well being and displays complete professionalism. I joined personal training to specifically become more stronger with my core and to diversify my workout. I am so glad to have learned right away from Chase, that I could use improvement with my resistance training! Something I wasn’t aware of before.
I trained three times a week for two months, and saw an increase in strength week over week. I am absolutely amazed by the results. I don’t recognize myself from week 1 to week 8. I incrementally was able to build strength and stamina thanks to Chase. The pace was perfect. Chase is a motivator and encourager. It truly helps to have someone believe in you on the days you have to dig deep within. He planned exercises designed for my own goals and held me accountable towards it. Chase is truly results oriented and I felt very encouraged during each work out. He will push you to go past your comfort zone while remaining tough and yet patient. Every time I thought I couldn’t do something, I was proven wrong. I now truly believe, with consistency, the right direction, and mentoring, I can achieve a tremendous amount in the PT arena. Thank you Chase for your knowledge, support, guidance, and training. I am so grateful to have had this experience, and have left learning so much for my journey ahead. I am a firm believer that one should enjoy their workouts! I enjoyed training. It was tough, and yet all so worth it! You will have fun with Chase. I highly recommend Chase for your personal PT goals. Give it a shot! You won’t have any regrets.
— Pooja G
Chase is a great trainer with knowledge in every aspect of his field, Including posture, injuries and nutrition. There hasn’t been a concern or question I asked he didn’t know the answer to or address it. He helped me loose 40lbs in 3 month and gain a good amount of strength while doing it. It’s been about a year now and I’m still training with chase 4x a week. What keeps me sticking with chase instead of going out on my own is the knowledge he has and the way he knows how to avoid injuries and correct posture and it seem he takes the time to put together a plan for me as an individual not just the same routine for everyone. I highly recommend Chase, I tried at least 4 trainers before I found Chase and I’m glad I didn’t settle with any of them.
— Isaiah
Was referred by my cousin. I’m really glad I stared training with Chase. Started me off nice and easy for the first month, Now I’m full swing into my program and I’ve lost a little over 20 lbs! Don’t try to tackle this challenge by your self, get some help from Chase.
— Paul S
Chase is an awesome trainer. He’s very patient and pushes you to do your best. His motivation pushes you to work even harder to reach your fitness goal. If you go with chase, you won’t be disappointed.
— Jamie V
Chase is a motivating and conscientious trainer. He listens to my goals, then works with me to attain them. I like the way he constantly pushes me, yet is mindful of my limits. Every workout is different and challenging. I would highly recommend Chase for your individual personal training needs.
— Liz B
Chase is an awesome trainer. As an ex-athlete, I’d been looking for someone to help me get back into shape after getting off track for awhile. He is extremely knowledgeable and I felt results after only a few weeks of training. He is great about pushing and challenging you, but still being patient and checking in with how you’re feeling so you don’t go too far and hurt yourself. I definitely recommend going to Chase whether you’re starting something totally new or are trying to get back to your peak performance days!
— Kristina Y